GLOBAL Description

The GLOBAL project has ended on October 31, 2010.

The project has been more successful than initially anticipated. Some of the performance indicators shown on the right side have even impressed the project consortium, e.g. the high demand for support and the subsequent high number of supported events, or the high interest in and involvement of Third Countries.

GLOBAL strived to enable researchers in Europe and around the globe to set up and expand their own virtual community for exchanging the latests findings, present project results, sharing documents and media files, or simply to socialise and connect with each other by means of virtual conferencing.

The Virtual Conference Centre, now known as Global Plaza, continues to operate and to offer its services to scientific researchers and academia for free.

Please do not hesitate to join the Global Plaza platform and get in touch with virtual conferencing!

The short video below presents the highlights of the Virtual Conference Centre as well as its sponsor, the GLOBAL project.

The continuation of this project is called GLOBAL excursion. It has developed an educational social network called Virtual Science Hub (ViSH) to help connecting teachers and scientists all over the world. It has integrated a lot of e-Infrastructures. You are also invited to join that interesting community.

Virtual Conference Centre

User experience

It is great what this project does.

I like it. They helped our project to disseminate our results.

I use it as a central place where one can find events from your own and other spaces.

It is easy to use and manage

Useful for coordination and managing videoconferences

Sending private messages are very nice & clear

Interesting integration with ISABEL platform

It is clean design, and generally works well

Interface is friendly

Ability to have a private space with a group of users.

Event pictures